What’s going on?

This year has been a strange one for every one.

It’s a shame my best seller at the end of last year was my calendar which has proved only to be a decorative picture as appointments of all kind were cancelled. At least I have still got all the images on my Etsy Store now in three sizes.

Then in Feb I went to a leather workshop run by Ruth Pullan

Coin purse

Then we had lockdown. Not much been happening on the craft side of things. I’m caring on making stuff to populate my Etsy Store. Now must start to get people shopping there. Also start to get give this website a boost. As may be apparent I hate admin stuff. So tend to let this sort of stuff slip. I’m now trying not to buy more supplies and use up what I have and use the tools I have to more effect.
I have a badge machine that I many use at craft fairs, kids draw there own. Realising it has much more potential have started to use them in box frames. Also made some children’s hair clips.

Small square box frame with badges

Hopefully soon we can get back to some sort of normality.
Keep on creating. Thats what is keeping me going.

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