Colour, flowers, woods

Since my last post I have tried to get my website, social networks and online shops in order. With out a lot of success I’m so slow at this stuff. Putting any thing on Etsy takes me ages, filling in all the tags. Even the photography I find hard. This makes it a chore I put off all the time. I have done some work in that respect.

Have had a great week, on Tuesday went over to see my old school mate in his studio at Sunny Banks mill in Farsley. Where he also has an exhibition until September.

A lot of this work is in the exhibition. I love his colour pallet makes me feel happy.

Visit Sunny Banks Mills.

Mel’s studio

please visit his exhibition you won’t regret it.

Flowers as well

was given some lovely Sun flowers which along with Poppys are my favourite

Wednesday was a day with grandchildren. They were really well behaved and we had a very pleasant walk in the woods at the back of their house.

Today I wanted to finish my Ripley drawing which I did. Only because I was having an injection in my hand to help my trigger finger. Was expecting it to be uncomfortable and it is but i can still draw for short periods.

What’s going on?

This year has been a strange one for every one.

It’s a shame my best seller at the end of last year was my calendar which has proved only to be a decorative picture as appointments of all kind were cancelled. At least I have still got all the images on my Etsy Store now in three sizes.

Then in Feb I went to a leather workshop run by Ruth Pullan

Coin purse

Then we had lockdown. Not much been happening on the craft side of things. I’m caring on making stuff to populate my Etsy Store. Now must start to get people shopping there. Also start to get give this website a boost. As may be apparent I hate admin stuff. So tend to let this sort of stuff slip. I’m now trying not to buy more supplies and use up what I have and use the tools I have to more effect.
I have a badge machine that I many use at craft fairs, kids draw there own. Realising it has much more potential have started to use them in box frames. Also made some children’s hair clips.

Small square box frame with badges

Hopefully soon we can get back to some sort of normality.
Keep on creating. Thats what is keeping me going.

2019 and all that.

2019 found me creating more and trying all sorts of new things some successful and some not so much.
My business began to slowly improve as well.

On of the things I tried was doing a live tutorial. Was a simple Pamphlet stitch book but we had fun painting and decorating our own covers for the first part of class then made 2 books a 3 hole and a 5 hole pamphlet stitch book. It did wonders for my confidence and I have plans for doing more in 2020.

Some of the books that were made somepainted on the day a some from prints of my designs

Also made some “games” . One of the things I have had over the last couple of years is a badge machine. I hadn’t been using it to its full potential mainly having it at craft fairs so that kids could draw their own badges and have them made up. This has mainly been to help cover table costs. Have also done some for clubs and the like. I realised I could make the smallest one as a magnet and made pumpkins and skulls tic tac toe In a tin and then a help the elf magnetic countdown to Christmas. Not fully formed as yet but the idea went down well.


By far my most successful was my calendar. I had a great time making some digital drawings of local urban landscapes. People seemed to like it and I’m now trying to think of a theme for next years calendar. Any suggestions? These images opened up assorts of things for me. One of the most exciting for me was to design the mug for 2019 Wetherby 10k race.

That was a very brief summery of 2019 as for 2020 it may be much of the same. Will tighten up this blog and web site. Needing to push my Etsy shop and generally keep better notes. All so to develop projects started.

Now we are into 2020 I wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

xxxxxxx Annie

Learning a new skill.

This year my word for the year is learn. Have have made a point of looking at different videos on Skillshare and your tube. Many of them being how to use Affinity Software and pushing my skills in digital art.

Today was very different I had a go at a workshop my friend #Crafthillside is running at this months make and take craft fair at Henshaws. I have been sorting an instruction booklet for her. So with the material she provided and instructions. Also having her to help if need on the end of the phone.

Pincushion I made today

I had never done any patchwork before as although not perfect I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

If any one is interested in learning this enjoyable skill, pop along to Henshaws arts and crafts on Sunday 29th Sept.

To book your spot email Louise on


Hi if you have found your way to my site. At the moment it is undergoing a complete overhaul. Please keep popping back to look as hopefully new content will be added very soon.

in the meantime please visit my Facebook page facebook@pagebooksandstuff 0r find me on instagram as AnnieOgg.

Thank you hope to see you soon